If you're linked here you probably needed some help 
and hopefully, I can give you a solution.
If you're an author, probably self-published? and you need someone to help you make promotional banners for your blog tour or anything else but you're not really sure you want to delve into that photoshop-ing life?

Or you just want someone to feature your new/ to-be-published novel?

Or you're a fellow blogger in need of any basic html help for your blog?

then you've come to the right place! Before anything else, I will say that I am unfortunately, not a book tour company, so of course I'll feature your novel but I don't have an army of other bloggers behind my back, you're going to have to ask them individually.

Regarding banners in jpeg/png or gif of course I'll help you! I love messing with photoshop so this is actually a great job for me. And note this, this is absolutely FREE. You really don't have to send me anything other than pictures and information to make your banner. I found my banner being used somewhere out there, and you trusting me to handle this is a huge honour already. Although note that I am completely self-taught, I might not be as good as those professionals but I will try my best.

If you're a blogger in need of help regarding html for your layout, I can hopefully help you too! I am far from mastering htmls and everything, but if you want to ask me questions feel free to do so and I'll see what I can do.

Contact me directly @
And I will definitely reply asap with solutions or details that I needed for the banner.

Here's some examples of my basic photoshop-ing skills, I did those thumbnails for my slider above and a promotional banner up there for ms. Rasheedah Prioleau's book, American Specter a long time ago. (Quite new with photoshop that time, and my first time creating a .gif banner, I am better now I promise)